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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  December 7, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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breaking news is in canada. flight from sfo to paris diverted to montreal fit. >> police greeted the flight when it landed 11:45 local time after the pilot asked for diversion. this is video from the ground showing the plane on the tarmac. authorities would not say what caused the stop. just last month 2 air france fleets headed to paris were difficult vevrted because of bomb threats. here's a look on board the flight courtesy of passenger thomas who said all 231 passengers will be taken off the plane in groups of 50. each will be checked and the plane will be searched. airport spokesperson said they hope to reboard the passengers and continue to paris. stay with us for any updates and follow us open twitter at this
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web site. other top story. donald on the defense. tonight the g.o.p. front runner is doe financing his controversial call to ban muslims from entering the united states. >> you have more world trade centers. it's going to get worse and worse folks. we could be politically correct or stupid. but item going to get worse and worse. >>reporter: good evening i'm dan. >> i'm amma. donald trump made the call to temporarily ban muslims from entering the u.s. today in the wake of the shooting rampage in southern california. >> lillian is live in san jose with the swift backlash the presidential candidate is now facing tonight. lillian? >>reporter: members of the muslim community were shocked by what mr. trump had to say and now many worry that such rhetoric will make their situation worse this victim ill in san jose honoring the san bernardino victims brought out handful of muslim americans they felt they need to bring signs reassuring others they too condemn last week shooting.
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>> i'm now concerned that should i be worried that some people at my job are going to look at me as potential god forbid terrorist e-tonight even more worry. now that republican presidential hopeful trump proposed the extraordinary. >> donald j trump is call for a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states. until our country's representatives can going out what the hell is going on. >>reporter: proposal shocked workers at the council on american islamic relations office in santa clara. they say they have already received s. and rhetoric like trump ps will only make the situation worse. >> people telling to us inform back home. that we all need to die. islam needs to be extinguished in this country things like this. >>reporter: he's known to make inflammatory comments when the poll fums slip like today. even so many fear the words will have an induring affect. >> at the rate that things are
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going, or the way things are going, it's pretty unsafe for most muslims to be here. >>reporter: growing sentiment one the muslim community will hope to be untrue. in the south bay, abc 7 news. fellow republican candidate for president bush quickly condemned trump plan and said donald trims unhinged. policy proposal are not serious. dm ick opponent hillary clinton tweeted this its reprehensible prejudice december and difficult vice i have. trump you don't get it. this makes us less safe. clinton previously said isis wants to fuel this kind of speech to help row crowd new members. fbi pledged today to quote leave no stone unturned. >> in the search for more deals about the husband an wife who killed 14 people in san bernardino investigators reloo veal that if a ridiculous and malik engaged in target practice at shooting ranges days before last wednesday ramp passenger. other suggest the attack was pre-planned well
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ahead of time. it centers on the radical sayings of the couple. >> we believe they were. that's the question for us is how and by whom and where were they radicalizeed. maybe not a by whom. oftentimes it's on the internet. don't know just don't want to speculate. >> family court judge ordered if a rock and malik 6 month old daughter to row main in foster care for the time being. if a ridiculous sister want custody of the child. another hearing scheduled for next month. chilling accounts tonight from people who were in the room where farook and malik unleashed bar ran of gun fear. they gathered for the holiday party. they dropped to the floor the second they heard gun fire. described the horror to us. >> what are you doing. small break in the table government and -- cloth and i kept looking down and hoping the gun fire would stop. gunfire would stop and i just, i couldn't believe that it would stop.
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>> you can see how the room was set up with table and holiday decoration. gun sales spike nation wide following the shooting rampage in san bernardino and the tough talk during the nationwide address helped fuel the sales boost. alan is live in vacaville with more. alan? >>reporter: debts fight the obstacle in the way of getting a permit to actually carry a gun people were still buying them here today. many are first time gun owner whose say they simply want a fighting chance. aaron wilson fears hand fun reflects the nationwide surge in gun sales after san bernardino terrorist attack that left 14 people dead. >> it shouldn't have happened$% in san bernardino and but it did. it could happen anywhere. so i'm going to make sure that i'm protected e-in san bernardino the lien to buy a gun was 4 hours long monday. sales were fought quite as heavy at this gun store in
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vacaville but owner travis morgan says the dublin store sold far more guns than usual. >> last year over this last weekend we sold about 15 guns. this year we sold 57. >>reporter: also appears to be a run on ammo. >> what i hear from my distributors and stuff is pistol ammo still kind of available depending on what caliberment then mm. getting scarce again. and 2 2 3 5 5 6 is getting spares. >>reporter: the speech sunday night east fueling the sale of guns and ammo. >> we also need to make it harder for people to buy powerful assault weapons like that used in san bernardino. >> put more law and make it harder for good people to get guns doesn't mean it's harder for the fon law abiding sentence to get guns. >>reporter: morgan expects the gun sales to balloon over the next few weeks. but it's still going to take a lot more to reach the sales he logged after the sandy hook massacre in vacaville, alan, 7 news. coverage of the san bernardino shotting continues
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right now on our 7 news app. unable push alert to get the latest update as they happen. new at 11:00. passion and anger tonight at meeting of san francisco naacp. people demand justice for 26-year-old man who was shot and killed by police in the bay view district. katie attended tonight's meeting and with us tonight with a story. >> the meet hosted by dr. brown pastor of the third baptist church and president of san francisco naacp chapter calling for police sensitivity training among other things. but this video of the shooting has made people so angry many don't feel that would be enough. >> we want the chief to step down if he thinks that was a justifiable homicide. >>reporter: some people couldn't help but yell. demanding change in the police department. >> this community doesn't trust the police department. >>reporter: shooting of woods was captured on cell phone video. he was killed in a bar ran of gun fir after police say they tried bean bag and pepper
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spray. police say woods was the suspect in stabbing and he manufactured toward officers still holding the knife. many say that's not what they see in the video. and that police are slandering woods in the media. >> you they about his mental illness and criminal record and you make him look like a ville listen as if he deserves to die. >> he be of racialen quality within the police department has been an issue for decade. >>reporter: 2 members of the please commission took heat at the meeting. dr. marshall is exit the to thorough review of the department use of force policy. >> i'm saying we are going to do things differently earnings earlier mayor lee said 3 investigation were his under way. >> i have directed chief sir to take specific, immediate why the step to ensure they have more options to resolve situations with minimum use of force. >>reporter: police commission meets wednesday night. dr. brown is asking members of the naacp to attend. in san francisco, abc 7 news. diplomacy is going to the dogs. still ahead on 7 news at
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11:00. this adorable pup strengthening international relations after the terror attacks in paris. fears it was a wild fear now another potential disaster forcing people who lost everything in the valley fear to leave their homes once agai again. surf is up. dangerous waves pounding the bay area coast line tonight. >> i have more on the warning plus look at when live doppler 7hd tracking not one but 2 storms this week coming up. >> thanks. first though here's a look what's coming up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live"right after the news at 11:00. >> thanks. tonight we are fretful for the hateful with special tarantino show. >> which one of you leaked the >> which one of you leaked the script?
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. the california band the eagle of death metal return to the stage in paris tonight for the first time since the deadly terrorist attacks. the band joined u.2 on the stage in paris. it was a show this evening. those are lead zing singer bono and hues belting out people have the power. yen people killed in the november 13 attacks. during the eagle show u.2 was to perform a perfect of concerts that weekend but postponed them because of the tragedy. russia came throughout on the promise to replace canine killed during apartment raid of the attack master mean. dog is german shepherd named after night from russian folklore.
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paris leders call it touching have valley fire victims who lost everything say they are being forced from their temporary homes. does he says of family staying in rv at the hidden valley leak campground but they have to go because of flooding concerns say official officials. melanie has the story. >> i haven't fallen apart yet but i'm that close e-she's doing her best to keep it together. >> just want to two home. i don't know if people understand that. i want to two home we captain. >>reporter: she lost her home in the valley fire. >> i was bedroom e-friend lent her this rv. now they have to leave the campgrounds here. the only trailer site in the area. >> this is it. this isn't going to work. >>reporter: officials are concerned this creek could flood. valley fire damaged the water shed. >> projections are that 20-year rain event will trigger 100 year flood conditions. >>reporter: they question whether that's why he an others have to go. what do you
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believe the real reason is. >> well there has been some accidents here. >> we have people here that were not victims of fear but have taken the opportunity to kind of set up camp. >>reporter: camp is moving the rv to friend home. good alternative but still not the one she most wants. to be back with her family. >> the stuff that we lost isn't as important as the fact that our family is all torn apart. >> it's never going to be perfect. it's a tragedy. we are just trying to do the best we can to make it agents better for folks. >>reporter: in hidden valley lake melanie, abc 7 news. 7 news was in santa cruz when surfer road huge waves back to shore look at this. that's a throw thrill for some but dangerous proposition for others. high surf warning will remain in effect until 4 tomorrow morning. others chose to stay away from the powerful pacific in san francisco ocean beach. .> >> it can be calm i have swam here before on some days but days like this you are remeaned the ocean east really intense. >> most of the things that is happening offshore about 17
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foot as well as so that gets to be pretty dangerous if you are in a small craft. >>reporter: here's a look at the surf just pounding the pacifica pier. coast guard says to remain stay by staying away from the surf. tempting but not worth the risk to be safe. let's look at the forecast coming up. >> sandhya tracking a couple storms coming in. >> that's right. we have 2 storms this week. as we head towards sunday night and monday through. start with the fears one. we don't see stormy weather but it's the fog we are watching and the surf. high surf warning does remain in effect if tuesday 4 a.m. we west north west as well as could remain between 15 to 18 foot range. right now between 11 to 16 feet. watch out for the large brackers and there is a risk of strong rip current. as you take a look at the visibility right now 4 miles half machine bay. 5 millions hayward with fog now invest ebility has been really nrushing ateing. napa pretty low along with santa rosa now
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up to continue miles do expect that fluctuating visibility to be affect your morning commute. san ramone 49 degrees. do you see how hard it is to see from the golden gate bridge camera. you have pockets of dense fog along with some drizzle in the morning. reap for north bay wed an it gets wet and monday for your thursday morning commute. that storm coming in is going to be a two on the storm impact scale. gust at 50 miles an hour. most 80's see half inch to inch of rain with heaviest in the north bay. the wind may take down power lines and trees on thursday. so let's take a look at the wind. wednesday neat there's not much happening until the wee hours of thursday morning. 3:00 a.m. you start to see the wind pecking up 40 to 45 miles an hour. point arena over 50 miles an hour. it look like pretty nasty but mid upper 40's for win speed. 50 miles an hour wind gust at six am thursday in san francisco
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oakland and 40's as we head pq of the morning it's still breezy but not as bad. prepare for very rough thursday morning commute if this system holds as far as timing is concerned. rain fall total most 80's half inch to about an inch. a little less in fir fold about an inch up in the wet east north by location. there's winter storm watch for the sierra. you metro detroit not want to go on thursday if you are traveling there. winter storm watch wednesday tonight through thursday evening. chain control are likely. long delay likely. locking at foot to 2 feet of snow and some of the resorts can actually pick up to 3 feet of sfo by thursday night. second storm that is coming that's also going to dump some more snow there mid fresno low 50's when you get going tomorrow morning. mit need to use the wiper intermittently and pocket of poor visibility like i mention because of some dense 80's of fog so be carefu careful. afternoon high in the low upper 60's. 61 san francisco. 64 for new santa rosa. 62 san rafael. san
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mateo mid 60's oakland san jose livermore mexico of sun high cloud with fog along the coast. accu-weather 7 day forecast. light rain on wednesday. in the north bay it's stormy thursday morning for your commute. few showers ledger into early friday morning and then you have another system that approaches saturday chance of showers sunday that second storm it's going to be wet and windy colder storms slight chance of showers on monday. so we are looking at typical winter patterns. two week from today we are looking at winter arrival. >> perfect thank you. still ahead on 7 news at 11 ochlt the persistent polar bare ochlt the persistent polar bare that just wouldn't take no f f f
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well look at this. incredible picture show the moment a curious polar bear took a look through a ship port
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hole. it was captured on camera as it came in for a closer look in norway. circle the boat for 2 hours poking the nose and jaw throughout port hole as it stood on the back legs. em acknowledges were taken by a wild life photographer who said the bear tried really hard to get on the boat. >> great shot. 7 news was on hand at at&t park tonight as there was a very special award. former figure skater christy and her husband received inspiration award for the work helping at risk children. all part of the holiday hero event where hundreds of children get to meet celebrity and try out the bases at the balance park and enjoy a holiday party. fun nightment special night in a lot of ways. >> all right. time to talk more sportsism yes. larry is off shoe is in. you have a lot going on. >> we start off with the he's man trophy. mccaffrey is one of the finalist. his thoughts on the award. another running back 14ers look like his season
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back 14ers look like his season is over.
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3 heismann trophy finalist announced in new york and all purpose running back mccaffrey is one of then. derek henry is another one. all rightth running back henry thought to be a favorite tone the strength of 5 straight quarterback to win the award. shawn watson had big numbers with effective touch downs whipping the telingts game but nobody more important to the team than mccaffrey he broke 27-year-old record all purpose yard in the season, 4 61 yards against them
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and nation best 2 68 yards per game. >> any football player i think wants to do is want to be in that conversation and wants to win it. so you know looking back i remember watching mark smear and watching his speech and you know it was such a cool they think to realize that's the best player in the country and watching him on the tv and the guys in the years past is cool they think. it's a huge honest e-winner will be anoneed on saturday. meanwhile forty-niner running back hyde inactive the past 5 games and 6 week if you include the by. stress fracture in the left foot is the issue. coach was asked today if hyde would play again this season. >> honestly? i don't know if carlos will play this year or not. whatever is best for carlos. >>reporter: that was this morning. tonight source told me that hyde has surgery and shut it down the rest of the year with hope of full speed
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for the 2016 season. it make most sense for both the niners and hyde to get him healthy and open roster spot for remainder of the year. red scents host the cow boos. in the my off hunt and good game until this. does unthinkable. he's going backwards on the punt return. then after all that he fumbles. recovered by dallas game tied at 9. few play later former raiders mcfadden up the gut. cowboy take a 16-then lead. washington in scoring position. 28 yard td catch from cousin. game tied at 16. 44 seconds to play but great connect off return by dallas. dan bailey from 54 yards good. 19-16 dallas we understand. now 4 and 8. washington johns the giants and eagle top the nfc east all effective and 7. warriors day off before they fees indiana tomorrow. game 5 of the 7 game road trip. curry
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named western conference player of the week. third and 6 week this season. 4 and o during the week and average 44 and a half points. 5 assist an 4 rebound. scored 40 or more point in two of the 4 games. they won 22 straight fba record to start the season. this is sports report brought to you by f examine finity. did you know he grew up in by foley once the heismann but at the university of miami. gem plunkett the last guy from stanford here. >> all right. >> all right 7 news continues now on lean on twiller facebook and all the mobile at the vice with our news cast. >> hang


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